Uncovering the India Chapter of the Ancient Art of Blue Pottery in Jaipur

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3 min readMar 18, 2023

Blue Pottery began in Persia and is currently customarily made in Jaipur. It is the only stoneware on the planet that doesn’t utilize mud. The materials utilized are quartz, crude coating, sodium sulfate, and Fuller’s earth (multani mitti). Customary plans were constantly blue or greenish-blue on a white base portraying botanical, creature structures. The name ‘Blue Pottery’ comes from the eye-catching cobalt blue dye used to colour the pottery.

The utilization of blue coating on stoneware was first created by Mongol craftsmen who consolidated Chinese coating innovation with Persian brightening expressions. This process ventured out east to India with early Turkic triumphs in the 14th century. During its earliest stages, it was utilized to make tiles to improve mosques, tombs, and castles in Central Asia. Afterwards, following their successes and landing in India, the Mughals started utilizing them in India. Step by step, the blue coating method developed past a compositional assistant to Indian potters. From that point, the system made a trip to the fields of Delhi and in the 17th century went to Jaipur. By the 1950s, blue earthenware had everything but vanished from Jaipur, when it was re-presented through the endeavours of the muralist.

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