Mother Nature’s Gift to Craftsmen: Seashell Carving from Tamil Nadu

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2 min readMar 18, 2023

Seashells enchanted the ancient Indian crafts people, as it is sufficiently apparent from the excavation of shell items found from different sites within the Indus valley civilization. It is a long-standing tradition that blowing of the conch shell is viewed as auspicious among Hindus throughout the world for religious capacities and customs.

Our Craftsman, explains, “Hindu folklore alludes to blowing of conch shell for religious purposes as well as amid war. Evidence has been found that in old and medieval times, cowries (small shells) were used instead of coins to do business exchanges. Seashells are a gift of Mother Nature to man and they are found in an assortment of shape, size and shading. The hues and textures bestowed and engraved on seashells naturally cannot be designed, even by the best craftsman. The carving of shells results in products that shine with a lustre and brightness that is truly unique.”

Little shells known as cowries are used in the creation of chandeliers, holders and draperies, whereas bigger shells are used to make specialized items such as crafted flowers in different shapes.

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