Ancient Arts : The Fascinating Art of Silver Filigree Craftsmanship

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3 min readMar 18, 2023

Silver Filigree art is an ancient, delicate form of metal craft. Silver biscuits (999) and 2% copper are the main raw materials used in the process. Blocks of pure silver are converted to very fine hair-like wires using a wire drawing machine. The thinnest wires are heated and wrapped around a charkha and flattened again. They are then crimped again into a zigzag structure depending upon the selected designs.

The designs and themes are chosen from flora and fauna and geometric patterns. The space within the frame is filled with the main ribs of the design, which are usually, stems, leaves, creepers etc. This art form precisely has three main types known as ‘fine’, ‘non-fine’ and ‘superb-fine’. They are further divided into three main parts known as silka (frame), rua (small balls), gopal (rose).

A single artefact takes anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months to finish, with two or three artisans working on it under a master. The silver filigree motifs & figurines in exclusive geometric patterns.

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